Sunday, January 15, 2006

Problems with Teacher Evaluation with Value-Added

There are technical and ethical difficulties with the small sample sizes that would be available to do teacher value-added analysis. Other groups, such as teacher unions, the National Association of State Boards of Education, and the National School Boards Association have entered the debate and are asking interesting questions about the circumstances under which value-added analysis is appropriate.

Wisconsin statue expressly forbids using single high-stakes assessment results to evaluate teacher performance:

Pupil Assessment Statute 118.30(2)(c)
The results of examinations administered under this section to pupils enrolled in public schools, including charter schools, may not be used to evaluate teacher performance, to discharge, suspend or formally discipline a teacher or as the reason for the nonrenewal of a teacher's contract.

Other the other hand, there are folks arguing for using value-added analysis of teacher performance. Steve Miller criticizes elected officials in Nevada for stepping away from teacher evaluation. In Tennessee just the opposite was effort was underway last year. Legislators unhappy with problems in the Tennessee value-added system introduced legislation to roll it back.


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