Saturday, November 04, 2006

DOE preparing to announce additional states allowed to test growth-model

While there is a short list of possible candidates who will be considered for growth model permission for next year, that is only a foretaste of what might be on the horizon. Eric Hanushek - the Hoover Institute scholar who chaired the first review panel - notes that with the creation of student id systems and grade level testing in almost all states, the number of possible candidate will quickly climb to all states. So, despite the fact that the DoEd is taking the slow road to growth models (laying aside the issue that none these models actually study growth), it will be possible for states and districts to experiment outside of official program participation. Many groups, both national and at the state level, are asking questions about school productivity and attainment. As it becomes possible for states to explore growth models, we may start to see states driving policy experiments and the Feds playing catchup.


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